Tweede seizoen Da Vinci’s Demons grootschaliger

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Deze maand is het tweede seizoen van Da Vinci’s Demons van start gegaan. In een interview gingen hoofdrolspeler Tom Riley en showrunner David S. Goyer in op hun plannen met het nieuwe seizoen.

Goyer over het tweede seizoen: “The first five minutes of the episode, the audience is going to be in for a fun surprise, because we actually start six, seven months later into the future. We’re going to get a glimpse of some stuff that happens near the end of the second season, [at] the beginning of season [two].”

Riley over de cliffhanger: “We are going to get out of this in an ingenious. But we’re also going to get a glimpse of what will be.”

Goyer voegde toe: “I just like, at least in television, throwing a grenade into the room right before you leave for the end of the season. Just blowing everything up and burning everything down. That’s just the way I like my television. And then trying to pick up the pieces afterwards.”

Rilkey vertelde nog over het tweede seizoen: “I think we top it. Honestly, I think the whole of this season, I’ve seen the first few, and I think it tops anything we did in the first season. And I think the finale is going to be spectacular.”

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