Stephen King’s The Mist als TV-serie

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Stephen King’s The Mist wordt door Dimension Television naar het kleine scherm gebracht. Eerder werd dit verhaal uit het boek Dark Forces van King al verfilmd door Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead).

De synopsis van The Mist is als volgt:

Stephen King’s The Mist is a horror novella released in 1980 about a small town in Maine suddenly beset by an unnatural mist where lurk a nightmarish variety of unspeakable creatures and horrors. The cast of characters is comprised of small town residents trapped inside a supermarket as the mist outside threatens to engulf everything. As the residents are picked off one by one by the mist’s nightmarish monstrosities, dread and pressure mounts, letting loose personal demons that add to the threat already posed by the stygian horrors concealed by the mist.

De TV-serie zal inspiratie halen uit zowel de film als het boek. Producent Bob Weinstein had er het volgende over te zeggen:

“The terror and drama in Stephen King’s novella are so vast that we felt serialized television is the best place to explore them in greater depth. With this show, Christian has created a fascinating band of characters and a story with infinite scares.”


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