Idris Elba in miniserie Guerilla

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Idris Elba in miniserie GuerillaIdris Elba heeft getekend voor een rol in Guerilla, een zesdelige miniserie van Showtime. De serie is bedacht, geschreven en deels geregisseerd door John Ridley. Centraal staat de black power-beweging in Londen. Elba zei eerder:

“It’s been a long time desire of mine to collaborate with Mr. Ridley and his work here is nothing short of a masterclass in character building and story-telling. TV is in for a treat.”

Ridley vulde aan:

“I am both humbled by and impressed with Idris’ passion toward bringing this story to life. I share his commitment for populating the culture with driven and complicated people of color.”

De synopsis van Showtime luidt als volgt:

Guerilla is a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in U.K. history. It tells the story of a politically active couple whose relationship and values are tested when they liberate a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism.

Er is nog geen releasedatum bekend.

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