Robert Kirkman over Walking Dead-personages

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In AMC’s The Walking Dead sneuvelen er vele hoofdpersonen op momenten onverwachte momenten. Bedenker Robert Kirkman vertelde in een interview te weten wie wanneer gaat sterven: “It’s kinda worse than that,” says Kirkman. “Because I got a pretty good idea when all of them are dying. To a certain extent, if we follow the comic, like possibly even more than [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] knows.”

Maar aangezien de serie niet precies de comics volgt, is het lot van de personages in sommige gevallen minder zeker dan Kirkman lijkt te suggereren: “So I’m always like…two years, three years, six months, two weeks, oh, God this is awful! It’s really rough. Doing the comic, it was fine because it was just lines on a paper. Whatever. We’re killing that guy. Cool. But the show, it sucks because we all work together, we hang out, and have a great time. But, you know, the story’s gotta get done and people gots to die, as I like to say. It’s pretty rough.”

Soms bedenken de showrunners zich over de dood van een personage, daarom kunnen de acteurs niet op de hoogte worden gesteld: “You can’t tell ’em. Because we change our minds all the time. And that’s the other really bad thing about it. We can’t really give them that much warning because there’s always a chance that we’ll get into actually writing the scripts after we plan things out and we’re like, ‘Nope, that character’s living.’ Which has happened many times. So we don’t want to have many false news giving situations.”

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