Eerste foto’s van Katrina Law als Nyssa al Ghul in Arrow

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Een nieuw personage van DC Comics komt in de 13de aflevering van het tweede seizoen van Arrow voorbij. Actrice Katrina Law werd aangenomen om de rol van Nyssa al Ghul te vertolken. Executive Producent Andrew Kreisberg liet weten:

“Our Nyssa certainly has shades of Talia. Katrina auditioned for Shado and it actually came down to Katrina and Celina [Jade] and honestly, part of it was just that because we knew she’d have scenes with Slade [played by Manu Bennett], and it just felt like a Spartacus overkill. But she’s somebody that we’ve been a fan of. When this part came up, we saw a lot of people for it, but she certainly is exotic and beautiful and smart and our stunt guys are over the moon, because she can do a lot of her own stunts.” Kreisberg also noted that Nyssa is, “the next wave of the League of Assasins that comes to Starling City. But she has some interesting secrets as well…”

Als machtig lid van de League of Assassins komt Nyssa al Ghul aan in Starling City, op jacht naar ‘The Canary’ (Caity Lotz). In de comic werd Ra’s Al Ghul’s dochter geboren uit een passionele liefdesrelatie in Rusland. Talia Al Ghul werd vertolkt door Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises.




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