Eerste details Xena-reboot

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Xena-reboot vindt scenarist

Tot op heden is er weinig bekend over de reboot die NBC maakt van Xena. In de originele serie speelde Lucy Lawless de titelrol, maar wie de nieuwe krijgersprinses wordt is nog een raadsel. Javier Grillo-Marxuach werkt inmiddels aan een pilot en gaat nu in een gedetailleerde blogpost op Tumblr ingaat op de reboot. Het lijkt er op dat de serie erg kort wordt:

“This version of Xena will not be a regular fall series, but more likely a limited “event” style series that will premiere outside of the fall season. We will most likely have somewhere from eight to thirteen episodes and are planning to tell a serialized story.”

Het lijkt het er verder op dat actrices Lucy Lawless of Renée O’Connor zullen terugkeren:

“Honestly, i think as well-intended as that could be, it would not please anyone. i had a strong negative reaction to the use of nimoy in the star trek reboot movies, for example – even though you won’t find a more enthusiastic nimoyan than myself – because it took me out of the narrative and gave me the feeling that what i was watching wasn’t “real,” that somehow, the new, recast characters were still subordinate to the old. it JUST didn’t work for me. 

OK – by the time i came into this project, it was clear to me that the PTB were looking for a reboot with a new cast, or as The Hollywood Reporter stated sometime last year – months before i was even considered for the job…Sources tell THR that the new, modern Xena would have to have the charisma and charm of Lawless and the smarts of The Hunger Games’ Katniss as producers are said to be looking for a sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation. The potential series is being eyed for 2016.”

Grillo-Marxuach zal samen met Sam Raimi en Rob Tapert de serie produceren. De oorspronkelijke serie liep van 1995 tot 2001. Xena: Warrior Princess is geïnspireerd op de Griekse mythologie. De serie is een mix van komedie en actie en slapstick. De serie had ook rollen voor Renne O’Connor als Gabrielle, Xena’s reisgenoot, Ted Raimi (Sam Raimi’s broer) als Joxer en Bruce Campbell als Autolycus, the King of Thieves. De reboot moet in 2016 op tv te zien zijn.

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