Controverse Game of Thrones- aflevering

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=== Let op spoilers ===

Naar aanleiding van de laatste aflevering van de HBO-serie Game of Thrones, Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, is er wat controverse ontstaan. In de aflevering vindt de verkrachtingsscène plaats van Sansa Stark op haar huwelijksnacht doorIwan Rheon. Dit terwijl Theon toekijkt.

Senator Claire McCaskill tweette na de aflevering:

Ook The New York Times recensent Jeremy Enger gaf zijn mening “Did we need more evidence that Ramsay is terrible? Ramsey’s two-dimensional sadism makes him the least interesting major character on the show.”

Jill Pantozzi, eindredactrice van de feministische website The Mary Sue: “From this point forth there will no longer be recaps, photo galleries, trailers or otherwise promotional items… There’s only so many times you can be disgusted with something you love before you literally can’t bring yourself to look at it anymore… That is where I currently find myself in relation to Game of Thrones.”

Sophie Turner, wie Sansa speelt, sprak in een interview over de scene en haar ervaring: “When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsey had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”

Boeken schrijver George R.R. Martin gaf ook zijn reactie op sociale media. Hij liet weten dat de aflevering nogal afweek van zijn verhaallijn voor Sansa: “There have been differences between the novels and the television show since the first episode of season one. And for just as long, I have been talking about the butterfly effect. Small changes lead to larger changes lead to huge changes. HBO is more than forty hours into the impossible and demanding task of adapting my lengthy (extremely) and complex (exceedingly) novels, with their layers of plots and subplots, their twists and contradictions and unreliable narrators, viewpoint shifts and ambiguities, and a cast of characters in the hundreds.”

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