Bryan Fuller over Hannibal seizoen 3

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Showrunner Bryan Fuller heeft een aantal details vrijgegeven over seizoen 3 van Hannibal. Lees hier wat hij te zeggen heeft. Over personages uit de boeken Hannibal, Red Dragon en Hannibal Rising:

“We’ll definitely be seeing Murasaki. We’re hoping to see Mason Verger again this season. We are developing the Francis Dolarhyde story so that’s a very exciting thing for me because Red Dragon is my introduction into the Thomas Harris world.”

Over de tijdlijn van de serie en het Dolarhyde-tijdperk: “We sort of have carte blanche in what we interpret and how we re-imagine it. We see ourselves as Thomas Harris mashup DJs and are able to basically spin tracks from different books with vocals from other books, so that’s the exciting thing about the show.”

Over Clarice Starling en Buffalo Bill in toekomstige seizoenen: “For now, we have to try to secure those rights.” De Laurentiis heeft na het floppen van Manhunter de rechten van Silence of the Lambs verkocht aan MGM. “He [Dino De Laurentiis] did because Manhunter wasn’t necessarily a financial success so they didn’t think that another one would be viable. It turns out, it was. Hopefully MGM will see the value in adding their characters to your world. I would love that.”

Over het gezicht van Mason Verger: “It was one of those things where with the trials of doing a television show, we were worried about the time and being able to pull it off. Also, I thought it was cool to save that for season three.”

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